From Professionals

I was a speaker at the 2017 ASNA convention, and I was amazed at the number and at the enthusiasm of the students attending the convention. There were seven hundred people, and that is just a fraction of all those studying actuarial science in Canada! I remember thinking, ‘WOW! There is a lot of interest in the actuarial field here.’ When I talked and discussed with them, they all seemed pretty sharp individuals, so I think we are getting very strong students in the profession, and I am very pleased.

Mike Lombardi

President of the Society of Actuaries (2017-2018)

Munich Re has been a proud supporter of the ASNA Convention over the past few years and we have been impressed with the quality of the students at the events and their interest in further developing their skills and knowledge. Your convention offers a great opportunity for employers and students to network and share ideas and aspirations.

Frédéric Jacques

Assistant Vice President, Living Benefits, Munich Reinsurance

Lise and I were part of a group of University of Manitoba students that attended ASNA as students in 2007. We had a fantastic time meeting other actuarial students from across the country and getting to know a little bit more about the industry and all the different employers out there. After graduating the next year, both of us had started working at Manulife and were thrilled to be asked to attend as employers. It was fun for us to get to be there on the other side and see that it’s also a great opportunity for employers. As an employer, it was exciting to get to meet the next generation of actuaries as well as network with others in the actuarial community and show the students why we’re proud to be working for Manulife.

Louise Hughes and Lise Arbez

Senior Actuarial Associates, Manulife Financial

The ASNA Convention was a great opportunity for us at Sun Life to meet the actuaries of tomorrow. We were able to share the Sun Life story with a diverse range of strong candidates during the career fair.

Martin Reeves

Assistant Vice President, Fixed Annuity Business, Sun Life Financial

ASNA is a great networking opportunity for industry and students, as well as an invaluable recruiting experience for us to meet students from across Canada. Manulife is very committed to ASNA through our Diamond-level sponsorship and by sending many presenters—I feel honoured to have been asked to present and look forward to ASNA’s continuing success!

Rahim Hirji

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Canadian Division, Manulife Financial

I attended ASNA during my last year in university. Excellent networking opportunity! Highly recommended!

Ricky Chu

Actuarial Associate, Individual Insurance Valuation, Manulife Financial

I attended ASNA as both a student and as an employer. As a student, it was exciting to meet students from other universities and to share stories about our early experiences in actuarial science. It was also great seeing all the possibilities presented by the various employers. Not to mention, it ended up being a great way to meet and bond with my fellow classmates. As an employer, it was always fun seeing the excitement and drive of the new generation of actuarial students, and it was a great place to recruit.

Ryan Charland

Assistant Vice President and Pricing Officer, U.S. Life Product Management, Manulife Financial

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From Students

Registering for the peer-mentorship program offered by ASNA was undoubtedly a great decision. As a first-year, I knew that actuarial science combined topics I really enjoyed such as mathematics, finance and economics, that there were many different types of industries in which actuaries practice, and that there were many professional exams to pass. However, I didn't know what the different roles of an actuary were, what it felt like working as an actuary, nor what the impact of the work of an actuary was.

I registered for the peer-mentorship program in the hopes of finding a mentor that could help me get a better grasp of the subject. In all honesty, my mentor Catherine exceeded all my expectations; she was superb. I learned a lot. Catherine answered all my questions, gave me tips about school, offered advice on how to get through some rough times and, last but not least, taught me how to organize my time effectively. All in all, my mentor showed me what it meant to be a future actuary.

John Nguyen

Université du Québec à Montréal

I have no regrets in attending ASNA during my first year of university. The career fair led me to my first co-op job and I had the privilege of networking with talented individuals from across the country. Moreover, ASNA was both informative and fun at the same time. The guest speakers were experts who specialized in fields including life, property and casualty (P&C) insurance, and pensions, and it was a pleasure to hear their presentations. My highlight of the convention was the social night, where students were able to network with employers through games.

Winnie Luong

University of Waterloo

I learnt more about the actuarial field than Google could have taught me in a year—no kidding! The seminars explored different areas that an actuary can work in and their roles in life, health, pension, property and casualty, and even non-traditional roles an actuary can take on. I have also got some exposure on the business model of companies and how they make a profit from it. Not only was I able to find out more about the field, I also got to meet many people with the same interest!

Charles Chiu

University of Toronto

This is how I see the ASNA convention: a great experience for everyone! First of all, this is a great opportunity to know more about the actuarial profession—it doesn't matter if you are interested in actuarial science or not. There was a lot to learn from the seminars and some of them were quite entertaining! If you are looking for a job, it’s a perfect time to socialize with potential employers; if you are preparing for your career, it’s an excellent way to know what the employers are looking for so that you can better prepare yourself for the future. To wrap up, the ASNA Convention grants you three wishes: an opportunity to learn, have fun, and travel!

Ching Chi (Jane) Wong

University of Waterloo

ASNA is North America’s premier event for actuarial students. I found that the career fair was expansive with actuarial employers both small and large in attendance. In addition to this, the workshops offered throughout the weekend delved deep into the different areas of actuarial practice and these alone broadened my knowledge about our field. The best parts, however, were the great food, atmosphere, and social events lined up for us. I left the convention with not only a better understanding of what actuaries can do, but also a network of colleagues from across the country. I would definitely recommend ASNA to anyone interested in pursuing a career in actuarial science.

Karan Phadke

University of Toronto

I found my first actuarial internship at the ASNA career fair, the largest actuarial fair in Canada. I strongly urge all students to attend, both job seekers and those who have jobs lined up.

Michael Blay

University of Toronto

The ASNA convention is a great opportunity for professional networking, making friends with students from across Canada and learning useful information about the actuarial career. The three conventions I attended have been nothing but a positive experience. Also, I really appreciate the work that the ASNA executives have put into the convention; thanks to their efforts, actuarial students have more chances to discover the actuarial career outside of the classroom settings.

Shirley (Ai Yan) Wu

University of Waterloo

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If you would like to share your experience regarding the ASNA convention, please e-mail president@anea-asna.ca.

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