Testimonials from Students

Testimonials from Students

I have no regrets in attending ASNA during my first year of university. The career fair led me to my first co-op job and I had the privilege of networking with talented individuals from across the country. Moreover, ASNA was both informative and fun at the same time. The guest speakers were experts who specialized in fields including life, property and casualty (P&C) insurance, and pensions, and it was a pleasure to hear their presentations. My highlight of the convention was the social night, where students were able to network with employers through games.

Winnie LuongUniversity of Waterloo

I learnt more about the actuarial field than Google could have taught me in a year—no kidding! The seminars explored different areas that an actuary can work in and their roles in life, health, pension, property and casualty, and even non-traditional roles an actuary can take on. I have also got some exposure on the business model of companies and how they make a profit from it. Not only was I able to find out more about the field, I also got to meet many people with the same interest!

Charles Chiu, University of Toronto

This is how I see the ASNA convention: a great experience for everyone! First of all, this is a great opportunity to know more about the actuarial profession—it doesn't matter if you are interested in actuarial science or not. There was a lot to learn from the seminars and some of them were quite entertaining! If you are looking for a job, it’s a perfect time to socialize with potential employers; if you are preparing for your career, it’s an excellent way to know what the employers are looking for so that you can better prepare yourself for the future. To wrap up, the ASNA Convention grants you three wishes: an opportunity to learn, have fun, and travel!

Ching Chi (Jane) Wong, University of Waterloo

ASNA is North America’s premier event for actuarial students. I found that the career fair was expansive with actuarial employers both small and large in attendance. In addition to this, the workshops offered throughout the weekend delved deep into the different areas of actuarial practice and these alone broadened my knowledge about our field. The best parts, however, were the great food, atmosphere, and social events lined up for us. I left the convention with not only a better understanding of what actuaries can do, but also a network of colleagues from across the country. I would definitely recommend ASNA to anyone interested in pursuing a career in actuarial science.

Karan Phadke, University of Toronto

I found my first actuarial internship at the ASNA career fair, the largest actuarial fair in Canada. I strongly urge all students to attend, both job seekers and those who have jobs lined up.

Michael Blay, University of Toronto

The ASNA convention is a great opportunity for professional networking, making friends with students from across Canada and learning useful information about the actuarial career. The three conventions I attended have been nothing but a positive experience. Also, I really appreciate the work that the ASNA executives have put into the convention; thanks to their efforts, actuarial students have more chances to discover the actuarial career outside of the classroom settings.

Shirley (Ai Yan) Wu, University of Waterloo

If you would like to share your experience regarding the ASNA convention, please e-mail president@anea-asna.ca.

I attended ASNA during my last year in University. Excellent networking opportunity! Highly recommended!
Ricky Chu, Actuarial Associate, Individual Insurance Valuation; Manulife Financial
The ASNA Convention in Quebec City in 2010 was a great opportunity for us at Sun Life to meet the actuaries of the tomorrow. We were able to share the Sun Life story with a diverse range of strong candidates during thecareer fair and are looking forward to returning to ASNA in 2011.
Martin Reeves, FSA, FCIA, AVP, Fixed Annuity Business; Sun Life Financial
ASNA does an excellent job at providing a collegial and friendly conference where credentialed actuaries, actuarial students, employers and those seeking employment can share experiences and network.
Stephen Camilli, FSA, Vice President, Actuarial Publications and Content; ACTEX Publications
L’ANÉA parvient d’une excellente façon à offrir un congrès collégial et sympathique permettant à des actuaires qualifiés, à des étudiants en actuariat, à des employeurs et à des personnes à la recherche d’un emploi de partager des expériences et de faire du réseautage.
Stephen Camilli, FSA, vice-président, publications et contenu actuariels, ACTEX Publications
La société Munich Re est impliquée auprès de l’ANÉA depuis de nombreuses années et est toujours impressionnée par le niveau de talent qui s’y trouve. L’ANÉA offre une remarquable occasion de réseautage tant aux étudiants qu’aux professionnels de l’industrie. Nous avons déjà hâte au congrès de l’an prochain!
Renée Walkom, spécialiste de la gestion des talents, Munich Re
ASNA 2015 Montreal was a valuable opportunity for our company to meet with some of the brightest up-and-coming Actuaries in Canada. This was a great chance for us to provide students with advice on the tools necessary to break into the market. We look forward to attending future ASNA conventions.
Adam Noreen, Recruiter, Entry-Level Actuarial Recruitment; DW Simpson
Le congrès de l’ANÉA 2015 à Montréal a offert à notre entreprise une précieuse occasion de faire connaissance avec les futurs actuaires les plus brillants du Canada. Il nous a donné la possibilité de fournir aux étudiants des conseils concernant les outils nécessaires pour percer dans le marché. Nous sommes enthousiastes à l’idée de prendre part aux futurs congrès de l’ANÉA.
Adam Noreen, recruteur, recrutement actuariel de premier échelon, DW Simpson
This was our 2nd year at ASNA and we continue to be impressed by how great of a conference the organizers put together! The presentations covered an extensive variety of topics and the students were some of the most qualified. We would recommend ASNA for all actuarial companies and students alike!
Michael Leggett and Emilia Witt, Actuarial Recruiter, Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment
C’était notre deuxième année de participation au congrès de l’ANÉA et nous sommes toujours impressionnés du niveau de qualité que les organisateurs ont réussi à atteindre! Les présentations ont abordé une grande variété de sujets et les étudiants étaient parmi les plus qualifiés. Nous recommandons l’ANÉA à la fois à toutes les firmes d’actuariat et aux étudiants!
Michael Leggett et Emilia Witt, recruteurs, Ezra Penland Actuarial Recruitment
The 2015 ASNA was conference was well attended and organized. Students were enthusiastic and asked insightful questions to the many participating employers about the profession and career opportunities. I felt students would benefit by attending the conference.
Rob Stapleford, President-elect; Canadian Institute of Actuaries
The ASNA convention is a wonderful opportunity for the CIA to connect with our actuarial professionals of the future. The convention is always well organized and 2015 was no exception. The ASNA executive team should be very proud of their accomplishments!
Alicia Rollo, Director, Membership, Education and Professional Development; Canadian Institute of Actuaries
Le congrès de l’ANÉA offre à l’ICA une occasion formidable d’entrer en contact avec les professionnels de l’avenir en actuariat. Le congrès est toujours bien organisé et celui de 2015 ne faisait pas exception. L’équipe de direction de l’ANÉA peut être très fière de ses réalisations!
Alicia Rollo, directrice, adhésion, éducation et perfectionnement professionnel, Institut canadien des actuaires
We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at the 2015 ASNA Convention. There were ample opportunities to network with the record number of attendees, especially during the Career Fair. Congratulations to the organizers on a successful conference – we are already making plans to attend in 2016!
Mike Boa, Chief Communications Officer, Casualty Actuarial Society
Nous avons adoré l’intégralité de notre expérience à l’occasion du congrès 2015 de l’ANÉA. Celui-ci nous a offert d’amples occasions de faire du réseautage avec le nombre record de participants, en particulier dans le cadre de la foire des carrières. Félicitations aux organisateurs pour ce congrès couronné de succès. Nous planifions déjà notre participation en 2016!
Mike Boa, directeur des communications, Casualty Actuarial Society
We were impressed with the many promising young people we met at the 2015 ASNA 3 day convention in January. It was a great opportunity to discuss the possible careers available in the different businesses of Optimum Group and to network with the next generation of actuaries. We found students attending the event to be curious, eager and highly motivated and we hope the information we provided on the various actuarial paths at Optimum has helped them in their career choices. We are looking forward to a continued relationship with ASNA.
Optimum Re
Nous avons été impressionnés par le nombre de jeunes gens prometteurs que nous avons rencontrés lors du congrès de trois jours de l’ANÉA tenu en janvier 2015. Celui-ci nous a offert une excellente occasion de discuter des possibilités de carrière offertes dans les diverses entreprises d’Optimum Group et de faire du réseautage avec les actuaires de la prochaine génération. Nous avons trouvé les étudiants qui prenaient part à l’événement curieux, avides et très motivés et nous espérons que les renseignements que nous leur avons transmis au sujet des divers cheminements actuariels chez Optimum les ont aidés dans leurs choix de carrière. Nous comptons poursuivre notre relation avec l’ANÉA.
Optimum Re
I was heartened by the high quality of attendees who were very knowledgeable, focused and eager to engage in conversation. At ASNA, the SOA sponsored a case study where teams were presented complex, real-life issues a chief actuary may face, e.g., grow sales of Product X profitability while maintaining risks within established margins, and prepare and make a presentation to the board. Observing the process, I saw team members fully engaged and competing with fierce determination.
Errol Cramer, SOA 2014-15 President, Chief Actuary at Allstate; Society of Actuaries
As a Diamond Sponsor, the Society of Actuaries held a case competition in which students had to apply knowledge of enterprise risk management and data analytics to solve issues for fictional company "Zen Life." In addition to demonstrating actuarial knowledge and skills, finalists had to find the courage to present their findings to attendees and judges! I was impressed with the networking skills of this generation of future actuaries who walked up to us with the poise and determination to introduce themselves and to find out more about the actuarial profession.
Emilie Bouchard, SOA Staff Fellow—Canadian Membership; Society of Actuaries
À titre de commanditaire de catégorie diamant, la Society of Actuaries a organisé un concours d’étude de cas dans le cadre duquel les étudiants devaient mettre en pratique leurs connaissances en gestion du risque d’entreprise et en analyse de données pour résoudre les problèmes de la « Zen Life », une entreprise fictive. En plus de faire la démonstration de leur savoir et de leurs compétences en matière d’actuariat, les finalistes ont dû trouver le courage de présenter leurs observations aux participants et aux juges! J’ai été impressionnée par les habiletés de réseautage de cette génération de futurs actuaires, qui se sont présentés à nous avec assurance et détermination et qui souhaitaient en savoir plus au sujet de la profession actuarielle.
Émilie Bouchard, Fellow attitrée à l’effectif canadien, Society of Actuaries

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